How To Take Your Business Online

So you have a small business, which you have been running for sometime and now you have decided to take it online. Well, good decision because all businesses must have some online presence at the present time. Be it a five page simple website, a facebook page or an Etsy store, it is important that you have some digital footprint of your business on the Internet. So that customers who are looking for you online could find you and you could grow your business. 

This blog will help you and guide you with the steps you should follow to take your business online for the first time.

  1. Register a domain that is insync with you or your business. 

You can register a domain from or The website address should represent your business, what you are doing or you as an individual.

Along with this you also have to purchase a Hosting Plan and an SSL certificate.

Domain and Hosting (it is a service that lets you publish your website on the Internet) you have to book for 1 year, 2 years, 3 or 4 years and SSL is usually of lifetime validity.

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  1. Do it yourself or hire a designer.
    If you are a little tech savvy you can build a website on your own. There are several platforms like that allow you to make beautiful websites which you can create yourself and publish.

    Or; you can hire an agency like us who works with small businesses and builds a website quickly and cost effectively.
  • The development of your website

First finalise all the pages that your website is going to need. This is called site map creation. Thereafter spend some time looking at various themes related to your business and purchase the ready made themes, which you can easily modify or hire a web designer like Go Greater – Branding . Marketing to finalise the design of the web pages.

Once the design is ready you can upload the content and ask your developer to complete the development and coding.

Test out the features of the website and then you can publish.

    1. Optimise your website to be found on Google and improve the ranking
      Work on the search engine optimization also known as SEO so that your website is found on various search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

      Work on the content to make sure relevant keywords are within the content, optimise the images, the codes and the tags on the website and also the plugins.
  • Create social media accounts

Create a page on Facebook or an account on Instagram and LinkedIn. Design or upload your display images and cover images and make a few posts. Remember to make at least 2-3 posts in a week to keep your existing audience engaged and increase new followers.

Social media is an extremely important place where you can grow your business and build brand awareness. Mix up your content with images, videos and if possible with animations.

Link your social media pages with your website.

  • Start generating traffic to the website

Make sure you have good content on the website be it text, images or videos. 

Create a business email with the domain you registered example and start sending emails to your prospective clients.

Write three or four good blogs on your website and generate and share them on your social media pages. If you can ask some social media influencers to share your blogs on their platform that drive a decent amount of traffic to the website.

Paid Advertisements – You can run Google search ads, display ads and google shopping ads of your products or run paid advertisements on social media to generate leads or drive traffic to your website for conversions and consideration.

  • Email Marketing

All the people who have visited your website and left you a name, phone number and email address starting sending them promotional emails educating about your products and services at regular intervals. You can also send them emails about new offers & promotions.

This is a great way to stay connected with them and bring them back to your website.

  • Keep Measuring Your Efforts
    Make sure you go through the data and responses to understand where improvements are required and to ensure to implement changes and grow continuously.

    Be patient. Do not expect to get rich overnight. Online business just like any brick and mortar store takes time so you should be patient and continuously be at the job and you should see the desired results over time.

More and more businesses are going online. If you have a small business or a new business having an online presence these days are of utmost importance. In case you get stuck anywhere and need professional help you can always contact GoGreater – Branding . Marketing ( we are on a mission to help 1000 Indian businesses to grow online and create successful brand standout among their competitors.